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Swimming Is the Perfect Exercise
benefits of swimming stay fit every day

Swimming is just about the best all round exercise that you can do, especially as you get older. Whether you're swimming for technique, flexibility, strength, fitness or something else, there are always new physical and mental challenges you can set yourself in the swimming pool.
This article explores five great reasons to go swimming and suggests different things that we can do to keep swimming interesting.
1) Swimming builds up your strength, suppleness and stamina:
Whereas many other exercises only focus on one or two areas (for example, weights build your strength, long-distance running builds your stamina), swimming is an excellent exercise for your overall strength, suppleness and stamina.
2) There's always a new technique to learn:
Whether you're trying to learn a new swimming stroke, perfecting the various movements of an existing one or trying to make your breathing, dives and turns better, there are always new and interesting ways to push yourself.
3) You can easily vary how you exercise when swimming:
It's easy to change things up when swimming; you could try breathing on just one side or only breathing on every second or third stroke. You might want to see how far you can swim underwater or try different kinds of turns.
4) It's a great way to lose weight and keep fit:
Swimming is an incredibly good workout for your whole body. It can be a great way to lose weight, tone up your arms, legs, thighs, tummy, chest and bottom and can significantly improve your overall level of fitness.
It will also help your lung capacity, circulation and your cardiovascular system.
5) It strengthens different parts of your body:
swimming is best exercise good for loosing weight

One of the reasons swimming is great is because it's a whole body workout. There aren't many other exercises that will strengthen your shoulders at the same time as strengthening your abs and your ankles!

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