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How To Become a Fitness Model
How to become a fitness model

Find An Exercise You Like And Do It:
People often ask me what I do to stay in shape. I'd love to say I lift weights three to four times a week, run several miles a day, and/or do Crossfit (just kidding, Crossfit's lame ), but in reality, the only activity I consistently do is WALK . That's right, I walk at least an hour every day, rain or shine (thanks to my doggies!). That's it. I've been doing this for over a year and it's kept my weight stable and my muscle tone rocking.
Make Your Face The Best It Can Be:
One of the advantages of fitness modeling is that it isn't necessarily about having the most beautiful or "perfect" face. Fitness modeling is about displaying health, strength, and athletic prowess; thankfully, you don't have to have a face like Adriana Lima to be successful. However, you should make sure your skin, hair, and nails are in top condition. Because fitness shoots aim for authenticity, most make up artists will apply very little make up; this means your skin needs to be clear (or close). Find out what works (and what doesn't) for your skin, but note that natural (and alcohol-free) products are usually best!
Eat Well:
With this in mind, eat well and eat often - you'll need fuel to nourish those burgeoning muscles!
Gather Your Best Workout Outfits:
Take inventory of your closet and look for the following:
Workout shorts,
Sports bras (for women),
Yoga pants or leggings (for women),
Tank tops,
Swim trunks or a bikini,
Tennis shoes.
way to be a fitness model

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