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Health Benefits of Sunbathing
In the past few decades, sunbathing has been criticized for increasing the risk of skin cancer, and its benefits have been ignored. What are the benefits of sunbathing? Learn what they are and how much sun is good.
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Sunlight Health Benefits:
The human body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and this leads to plenty of indirect benefits. Vitamin D has been linked to an increase in the body's immunity, and it's also important for bone growth, especially in young children. Vitamin D also plays a part in controlling blood pressure.
One piece of the puzzle has been missing, since vitamin D supplements alone have been shown to be unable to compensate for a complete lack of sunshine.
A new study conducted at the Edinburgh University has found another important benefit of sunbathing. Along with vitamin D, the body also seems to produce more nitric oxide , which lowers blood pressure significantly.
How Much Sun is Good:
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Luckily, getting the benefits of vitamin D and nitric oxide doesn't take long. Exposure to direct sunlight should be limited to 15 minutes a day or even two or three times a week if it takes place at midday.
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