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Build Your Butt Using The Best Glute Exercises
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A firm, toned backside stands out in a crowd – literally. If you workout regularly, then there’s a good chance you wouldn’t mind firming up your butt a little. While there are a lot of exercises that can help, the following list of exercises are your best bet for better glutes.

Squats – Barbell squats are such a popular glute builder that there are entire websites and Facebook pages dedicated to showing pictures of the results. If you want better glutes, squats should be your staple.

Lunges – Walking barbell or dumbbell lunges are your next best choice, behind squats – no pun intended. They can be performed virtually anywhere, and when you don’t have resistance you can simply lunge walk for distance.

Hip Kicks – Lie face down on a bench with your legs hanging off the back end. Now proceed to slowly flutter your feet up and down for 30 to 60 seconds.
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