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Best Performance Underwear
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Nobody likes a mid-squat wedgie or panty lines that peek through workout leggings. Your underwear should be out of sight and mind during your sweat sessions, and chances are, your everyday pair just doesn’t cut it. That's why it's worth investing in active undies, which come in all kinds of cuts, colors, and fabrics depending on your needs.

Asics thong: You may have heard mixed opinions about wearing thongs to the gym, but this one is made specifically for working out. It gives you the freedom of wearing a thong with the added bonus of moisture control and breathability. Bonus: no more awkward panty lines peeking through your workout leggings.

Craft Greatness Sports Briefs: Thongs not your thing? Enter sports briefs. This pair of full-coverage underwear is made of lightweight, sweat-resistant fabric. Seamless edges prevent both panty lines and uncomfortable chafing.
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